About Me

Hi all, I’m Reza Rezqya akbar, but for online, go by reopucino name.

I’m a simple player just want make a game. I love coding, play a game and also make a game. At 2011 I’ve worked in one of game publisher in Indonesia, and also I have worked as Unity programmer in Sinergi studio at Indonesia from April 2014 until October 2015. Now I work for secret agent 😛

Why I pick game industry?? My dreams is create a game, and tons of player love my game, so I starting to realist.

And this is my blog, you will see my Tutorial, Game Dev, and games here. If you want to contact and chit-chat with me,  you can email me at reza.rezqya@gmail.com

cheers 🙂


2 thoughts on “About Me

    1. reopucino Post author

      sebetulnya menu langganan itu hanya ada wordpress.com dan blogspot.com

      karena memang dia yang membuat feedback

      soalnya gw juga pernah coba cari cara supaya adain menu tersebut, tapi ternyata disaranin modelnya buat mail.chimp gitu, jadi bisa dapet email user yang suka baca artikel yang di buat sama lw, dan dengan model subscribe


      ooo ternyata ada yah… lol, gw lupa waktu itu mungkin menghapus fitur rss feed ataupun fitur langanan juga kali yah 😀


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